This is an excellent letter about how Conservative Christians deal with homosexual friends. You should read it. Healthy people have boundaries. Healthy people allow disagreement. Healthy people take others’ words at face value. Healthy people assume that if you change your mind about a point of disagreement that you will communicate that–silence means that things […]

The most important thing I learned in my late thirties was that I must listen to the perspectives and experiences of those Not Like Me. And after listening, I must react in a Christ-like manner. Sure, I know what the white, female, conservative, baptist, middle-class, Southern perspective and experience is. But I cannot and should […]

Our Founding Fathers could have created a theocracy. They didn’t. If they had felt that Christian Beliefs should override personal liberty and equality, they had the power to create a government that did just that. Instead, they felt that a government should support the unalienable rights of man (regardless of his personal religious beliefs). So […]